Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quote of Yesterday

"I'm just not speechacle at the moment," I said yesterday. Which might be why this entry is so short.

And, yeah, I do invent words. Or at least I think I do, anyway.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


What's worse than a pre-schooler who won't sleep until midnight and then pops awake at 7:45 am? One that falls asleep at 9:15 pm, wakes at 1 am and doesn't fall asleep again until past 4 am. How much past 4 am I don't know yet. I'm hoping not much longer now...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Poor Taste in Television

Yeah, I admit it. I watch brain-candy TV. Not the "reality" stuff that always makes me squirmingly uncomfortable...those shows make me feel like I'm invading the participants privacy. Never mind that they've invited me and a whole camera crew in to do so. I just feel creepy watching.

Nope, I like the fluff, like Clueless, Grosse Pointe, Friends, and Sex in the City. One of my favorites was a show call Leap of Faith which was one of the million or so failed shows NBC scheduled for the 8:30 slot after Friends. It featured an adorable advertising copywriter and her graphic-artist best friend and was sort of Sex In the City for network TV, with fewer lead characters and no onscreen sex. It only lasted about 5 episodes, but I loved every one of them.

I'm a sucker for the kinds of shows where everyone lives in housing way beyond what their characters can afford, they all dress super trendily, and no one dies or investigates anything. Occasionally, I like one with good writing, like Sports Night or the British version of Coupling (not the American version...I do have some standards). But I'll take mediocre writing if it's not cringe-inducing and the actors are cute enough.

This week, I discovered a new one, So NoTORIous on VH1, starring (lord help me) Tori Spelling as herself. A fictionalized, tongue-in-cheek version of herself. She's quite good, with good comic timing and an amazing willingness to make fun of herself. And since it's scripted and fictionalized, it's more like the fake behind-the-scenes Grosse Pointe than a reality show. The two episodes I've seen are very funny. My favorite line so far is Tori telling her best friend "This is LA, we all look like hookers." Gotta love that.

If you like most of the fluff I've listed above, you'll probably love So NoTORIous right along with me. Pull on your jammies, make some chocolate chip brownies, flop down in front of the TV and have fun trashing your brain. VH1 has it on like a million times a week, so check your listings.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Any Info on Blogger E-mails?

I just got a request from a client for a combo blog/e-mail list, to be available via subscription. Blogger does allow you to enter one e-mail address to be notified whenever you post. Since he's already got a mailing list to send to, this should work well for him. I think.

Anyone have any experience with receiving Blogger's auto-notices of updates? Are they just a link? Generic text? The full body of the new post? Does the system send updates each time you make a small edit, or only when you create a new post?

So I've just set my blog to notify me and I'll be testing to answer those questions. If you've used this on your blog or receive these updates from one you read, please let me know if you find them useful, annoying, or both. Thanks!

1) When you create a new post, it sends the body of the post to your list, with a small footer which contains a link to the specific post: "Posted by Sara Kocher to The Thing Of It Is... at 4/02/2006 02:24:00 PM"
2) Updating an existing post, even with significant additional text, does not trigger a new notification e-mail.
3) Any images in a post are simply missing from the e-mail. Seems like this could make things a bit confusing, depending on the post.

Testing 123...

So what happens with the notification system when you include a photo in your post? Gotta check that out, too, of course!
book image
So here's one hosted elsewhere:

I wanted to try a photo that's imported into Blogger also, but it won't take one. Even a little 9k image just times out before loading.

p.s this image is courtesy of the morguefile