Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Plumb fine cabinet

A few days ago, J opened a drawer in one of our new cabinets and discovered some unusual plumbing. We were about to have cold running water inside a pot drawer. Handy for washing them, I guess, but kind of messy.

Apparently, the plumber forgot to raise the pipe above cabinet level, and the cabinet installers just worked around it.

It's fixed now, although the drawer and cabinet back will keep the little round hole as a permanent momento.

The kitchen and family room are now painted green. It was a somewhat hasty decision, so I hope we'll continue to like the color. If not, at least paint is the easiest thing to change.


Friday, October 13, 2006

R Toys Us?

I was doing some birthday party shopping at Toys R Us the other day, since the Bunster is now totally on the pre-school party circuit (he has a better social life than I do). And I'm standing in the massively pink-saturated doll section debating the merits of Glitter Princess Sleeping Beauty versus the Rapunzel's Wedding Flower Girl 4-pack, when it suddenly hits me...there are no black Disney Princesses.

Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Mulan...they've had blonde, brunette, redheaded, Asian, Native American, and Arab princesses. Unless I've forgotten something obvious (please let me know) only one major ethnic group is missing.

Disney does have an animated movie set in Africa, but The Lion King has animal characters, not people.

I guess you could argue that Pacific Islanders aren't really represented, since Mulan is Chinese and Lilo isn't a Princess. And there hasn't been an Indian princess, nor a Hispanic one. But while this is true, to a four-year-old, Mulan, Jasmine or Pocahontas dolls make fine stand-ins for those ethnicities. But there's no doll that looks like you if you're an African-American four-year-old.

I'm hoping this is just because the Disney marketing machine is still generating new Princesses.

On the one hand, the whole pink-glitter-fluffy-princess thing sets my teeth on edge and I can't wait for this craze to die down. But on the other hand, I'd hate to be that little left-out girl.


Monday, October 09, 2006

More kitchen

More kitchen progress:

Next up are windows and a countertop. The plywood is nice, but maybe something a little more solid would be good.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guess what this is...

Hey, which room in our house is this?

Here's an earlier view:

And this is what it looked like a month ago:

We're more or less halfway through a kitchen remodel. I'm using it as my excuse for not blogging more often lately (although if you've visited before you already know that's not exactly accurate). We've been living in about half our house, cooking on a hot plate and fighting the good fight against construction dust for a month now.

If all goes well, we'll have cabinets in within a couple of days. I'll post a few more photos once they're in place. For now, one final image: