Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RIP, not so CoolPix

Last post, I promised something more fun. And then every post topic I thought of after that was some kind of frustrated rant about something or other. My dishwasher, Sarah Palin, political and moral hypocrisy, childhood temper tantrums, same-sex marriage bans...all the really fun stuff in life.

So then I decided to just snap a photo of something cute the Bunster brought home from school. That's heartwarming, right? Good plan, until our little camera died. "No photos for you!" it said, "I'm going to jam my lens cover shut and refuse to open!" Sure, J. opened up the camera and unstuck the cover, no problem. But then the camera decided that if it wasn't the one to open the cover, it didn't count. So no more camera.

Here's a diagram of my camera now:

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