Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hi, my name is Sara and I'm a Facebookaholic.

(everyone) "Hi, Sara!"

It started small. I only opened an account because my friend L.M. asked me to, as part of a "project" he was doing for business school. Of course, now I can see he's just a pusher, but I was so naive then. That was it, just one time, plus a quick hit to enter a little minimal profile info. No photo, even. I could have just walked away, but I didn't.

A little while later, a friend request came in from J.B, whom I'd known at Renaissance Faire. So of course I confirmed. I mean, who wouldn't?

And then it slowly snowballed. One friend after another. I kept confirming and confirming. Once, I even went through my husband's friend list, just looking for people I knew so I could add them.

I did manage to ignore the apps. That's good, right? That shows some will power. I didn't accept the title of nobility, you know. And I didn't take my move in Scrabulous. Okay, okay, I admit it...I did try to do Scrabulous, but I had some kind of weird computer glitch with Firefox and it wouldn't work. I'm trying to be honest, here, okay? Cut me a break.

Besides, there's a good side, too! I'm getting back in touch with old friends...people I haven't seen in 18 years, people I've missed and wondered about. And I'm seeing photos of myself and my friends from back in the day. Bringing back to memories. It's great stuff. Really, it is.

So now I have this karma request. And I'm rethinking the no-apps thing. How bad could it be? I can quit anytime. Or at least pull back a bit. I don't have to check the "Friends Of Ol' Marvel - Marvel Comics Alumni" discussion board twice a day. That's totally a choice. And I can stop.

Sure I know, right after I just comment on that great photo S.B. just scanned and posted, that is...