Saturday, August 09, 2008

Same old same old

So how many times today have you heard some variation of "Holy crap, what if we'd/they'd nominated him? McCain would have the election on a platter!"?

For some reason, I find that I am shocked by this whole thing, despite myself. I thought I was cynical enough that this would be just another idiot politician acting like a complete as usual. But no, I'm actually feeling a certain degree of betrayal. Not on the level of Elizabeth Edwards, obviously. But I had supported this guy and thought he'd make a good president. Yeah, not so much anymore.

I even feel a little betrayed by Elizabeth, actually, if she really knew about this back in 2006 and that's not just spin. Did she really hit the campaign trail with him, knowing about this huge skeleton in his closet? It pains me to criticize her, obviously. But what was she thinking?!

So John and Elizabeth Edwards campaigned knowing what happened to Gary Hart, to Bill Clinton, to so many idiots before him. He would presumably have accepted the nomination if he'd won it, all with this mess lurking just below the surface to blow the Democrats out of the water completely. How arrogant and stupid must the Edwards have been to think that this wouldn't come to light?

So now what? For Edwards, he becomes an minor footnote in history, one of a growing list. For the rest of us? I guess we all have just that much more reason for cynicism.

My, I'm cheery today, aren't I? Next time, something more fun.

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