Friday, September 16, 2005

How I Got My Blog...

I was on the phone with Steve and invented a new word: inertial.

"Is inertial even a word?"

"No, I invented it," I bragged, "and it's great. I should get a blog so I can publicize it."

"Do you want one on Comiculture?" he asked. "I can set it up in about 5 minutes."

"Sure!" I said.

But then, while he set up this blog, I went to and discovered that inertial is actually a real word. It's the adjective form of inertia, as in "The inertial response to the problem prolonged it."

So I'm not nearly as original as I'd thought. But I have a blog now.



At 4/23/2006 12:35 AM, Blogger Don Hudson said...

I think that it's excellent that you have a blog. Keep writing!


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