Thursday, March 30, 2006

Learning Curve

The Bunster is doing much better. Turns out that what he had was a short-lived stomach flu. His fever broke Monday night, after an experience not too different from last time. Only this time it was in the evening rather than the middle of the night, a slight improvement.

I keep guiltily thinking that it might have been even shorter-lived if we'd brought in the Pedialyte right away. Instead, we foolishly gave him milk (why? what were we thinking?), which prompted a second round of throwing up. And then we tried 33% apple juice/67% water and then just plain water. Not all at once, of course.

Now I know, thanks to a super nurse at our pediatrician's office, that we should offer 1 tsp. of Pedialyte or Gatoraide every 15 minutes at first. Once things settle down and he has an appetite, move on to plain toast, bananas, and apples. This could also include rice, except that he won't eat it unless it's in sushi. Which I'm thinking isn't the best food choice when you have the flu.

Anyway, he's currently alternating between cooking in his play kitchen and racing cars, so everything's great now. Except for my work-load, after missing two of my three available days. Ah well.




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